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Welcome to Cely's House!

Cely’s House Creative Workshops offers pottery classes for all ages (both hand-building and throwing), after school art programs, summer art camps, birthday parties, and retreats.


Studio Background

Founded in 2000, by Chapel Hill natives Bill and Cely Chicurel, Cely's House is a nurturing environment for artists and students working side-by-side that encourages and inspires artistic growth. Cely’s House is where creativity is nurtured and encouraged, and where every day is filled with new adventures. Whether you are young or older, feel artistically inspired or just want to have fun, there are plenty of creative choices and activities to explore!

Cely’s House Creative Workshops offers pottery classes for all ages (both handbuilding and throwing), after school art programs, summer art camps, birthday parties, and retreats.

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Meet Cely!

For over 25 years, Cely’s House has been specializing in art and creative workshops, classes, education, and camps.

Cely is a native of Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Due to her immense involvement in the community through many facets, Cely and the house have become integral parts of the triangle. 

As a Girl Scout leader, YMCA and Christian Service art camp director, Cely has had much experience in teaching and working with children and adults of all ages. She has held her own Summer Arts Experience Day Camps for over 25 years, creating a large following of students and parents, many of whom she helped and encouraged along artistic paths. Studio birthday parties and adult pottery workshops joined the ranks of events designed to fill any request.

Cely’s love of nature and the created world is joined with an interest in using the imagination to create fun, new worlds. For more than 40years, she has made and sold pottery creations, castles, and fantasy creations. Cely brings her experience in pottery production to her passion for teaching, sharing her love of pottery and the arts as a means of self-expression.


Cely's Helpers!

A Team of Artists and Teachers

Demonstrating the power of artistic expression, and the magic of Cely's House, many of those who have spent their childhoods at Cely's have signed up their kids for classes, come back as counselors, and even as class teachers!

Chloe Strauss and Henry Wilkinson are proteges of Cely, having grown up participating in after school, classes, and camps. Benefitting from the joy of art and community, Chloe and Henry are now teachers at Cely's!

Chloe Strauss

As Cely's studio assistant, Chloe spends most days enjoying the fast paced adventure of Cely's House. Chloe's passions and professional expertise overlap by way of early childhood development and love of the arts. 
Chloe also works at a local preschool and volunteers as a youth soccer coach. She is pursuing a career as a professional potter, taking after her role model, Cely. She currently sells her handmade pottery and stationary at local craft markets, shops, and online at where all profits go to charities.

Henry Wilkinson

Henry Wilkinson recently graduated from Memphis College of Art with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and he specializes in painting, costume design, and digital media. He began his journey at Cely’s house as a camper over 15 years ago and has been working at Cely's since 2012.
Henry has already enjoyed success in costume design recognized by Disney, as well as much success through the online art world and market.

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